"Trevor Crook Has The Rare Ability to Spot The Financial Leaks in ANY Business . . ."

Matt Furey - President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation 


Business Mentor * International Speaker - Advertising and Marketing * Copywriter

“Grows Your Business as Fast as Humanly Possible . . .”

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Can You Handle the Proof . . .

Just in case you have any lingering doubts as to what Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook and can do for you and your business . . . here’s more proof than most can handle . . .


“Trevor Crook Has The Rare Ability to Spot The Financial Leaks in ANY Business”

“Trevor Crook has the rare ability to find the financial leaks in any business that most great entrepreneurs cannot see.

Once found, his powerful and insightful marketing methods quickly increase income while creating customer loyalty.

If you want the 'straight-scoop' with zero fluff, then pay attention to everything Trevor teaches about copywriting and marketing.”

Matt Furey - President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation www.MattFurey.com

“WARNING! Don't Hire Trevor Toe-Cracker Crook Unless . . .”

“WARNING! Don't hire Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook unless you're prepared to be the leader in your market.

Great copy pushes the envelope and Trevor's promotions can give you that powerful edge.

You can easily see the influence of all the masters in his work which never lacks critical elements but even better . . .

Mr. Crook's work stands out for the kind of edgy originality you need to create breakthrough promotions so effective, the competition has no choice but to follow in your footsteps.”

Bond Halbert – son of the legendary Prince of Print - Gary Halbert

“A Lot of Advertisers Could Learn a Ton From Him”

“Trevor Crook has a great down-to-earth no poncing-around-approach – like a lot of Aussies I know. He has a real understanding of the prodigious power of simple words. A lot of big advertisers could learn a ton from him.”

Drayton Bird. (David Ogilvy said: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”)

“A $1,000,000 Web Business Site After Consulting With YOU

“Hi Trevor, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great distinctions you have provided to me regarding sales copy.

My previous results have been extremely profitable in the past, but after consulting with you, my results have exploded to a new level.

My site is now averaging 4-5 sales per day ($2,597 each) and counting. A Million Dollar Web Business Site, to be added to my other global business sites.”

Nik Halik – Serial Entrepreneur

“Helps Lawn Boy, Become the Largest Mowing Company in the State of Colorado!”

“Thanks ToeCracker for your copywriting and mentoring services. You Rock!!!!

After you tweaked our control piece the response has increased significantly. You have a talent and a way with words. You get people to take action. You took the time to understand our business niche, which helped us get specific results.

Now, we’re close to sending out a million pieces a year . . . and we do it with confidence because we know our marketing piece pulls . . . thanks to you. 

When I started this company at the age of 12 I had no idea how important words and communication would be to our success.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Johnny Erbert - Erbert Lawns Inc (Denver CO)

“Turns Words into a Magic Elixir”

“Trevor Crook is one of those rare marketers who can turn words into a magic elixir – from the stage or through his sensational copy. He has a knack for turning lemons into lemonade.

Born with the world’s WORST surname for a marketer or salesman, he’s overcome it in a HUGE way with sincerity, honesty and blunt-tell-it-like-it-is candor.

I’ve seen Trevor speak publicly in Australia and the U.S. and each time he leaves the room excited and ready to march towards the major opportunities available.

He’s shared the stage in a dual seminar with the legendary Ted Nicholas and has spoken to my group twice as well.

His copy is riveting, his smile contagious and his wisdom infectious.”

Matt Furey – Zen Master of the Internet. Author of Combat Conditioning and a Plethora of Powerhouse Life-Changers.

“Our First $100,000 Week, Thanks to You!”

“Hey Trev. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help. As you know, I walked away from a business partnership that had gone bad and started my contracting company 3 years ago, to the day as I write this letter.

When I started it, I had $1000 cash, and that was it! No retirement to pull from, no job, my wife was (is) a stay at home mother and was pregnant with our 3rd child and it was 2 months before Christmas.

I don't mind telling you I was scared to death!

Well last week, I'm thrilled to say, we did $100,000.00 in sales! That's our best week ever!

Trev, the techniques you teach, in many ways, were responsible for the rapid growth of my business. You've been called the “Crocodile Dundee of Marketing” . . . but I call you “The Halbert from Down Under!”

Thanks for all your help my friend! Next time I see ya, we'll have to hit the turps...my shout!! (Hope my Australian slang passes, HA!).”

Everte Farnell – Business Owner and Direct Response Copywriter, Tampa FL

“My Mentoring Experience as a Business Owner With The One & Only Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook”

“Here are the 3 "Biggest takeaways" since my mentor ship started with the ass-kicker 4 months back:

It all began with the recommendation by copywriting legend, John Carlton in the Gary Halbert group for Trevor’s mentoring.

And I was literally blown away by the proposal he sent me after the call.

I think I have read just this proposal at-least 12 times, so much pure gold in it.

Just writing this I might read it again now. . .

The copywriting course was nothing short of mind blowing. Especially the day when Trevor talks about creating offers and crafting your bonuses.

The various exercises we did just to know our true potential and to bring emotions in our sales message can't be just explained in words.

Most of the time the sessions used to go over an hour and I loved hearing the stories Trevor shared. I mean every bit of it.

Well, I am not a seasoned or experienced copywriter.

I just wanted Trevor's mentorship to help me scale my business & get my message across to my clients and I can say he has over-delivered on my expectations.

Thankyou Trevor, I’m looking forward too many more mentoring sessions with you." 

Darshan Chavan - CEO Gold Coast Institute of Training, Brisbane, QLD.

PS. The most repeated and extremely crucial sentence-
"Always Enter The Conversation That’s Already Going on in The Customer’s Mind . . .”

"Throwing Gold Nuggets Like Spare Change"

"Sharing the podium with Mr. Bird was Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook. His no fluff, spit and sawdust attitude didn’t disappoint.

he threw golden nuggets into the air like they were spare change, with all of us lunging to grab and embed them into our notebooks (I believe just one of his nuggets will help me write more convincing proposals and double my fees at the same time)."

- Matt Ambrose, Business Owner and Serial Entrepreneur
- Attendee at Drayton Bird's Last Hurrah Event.

Case Studies

Here’s a small selection of snapshot Case Studies . . .

There is only one solution to an entrepreneur's problem:

Find the Man or Mentor!

Back in 1909, nobody loved an alarm clock, which frustrated the manufacturer until a Frenchman named Leroy transformed that annoying, ugly, bedside item into something, which people liked.


It took a lot of finesse to make a deafening disturber of the morning peace seem like a cheery, long, lost friend, even to sleep-lovers.


Leroy was an artist in advertising.


The manufacturer who hired Leroy settled his sales problem for many years. He found his man.

In 1958, when Hathaway wanted to sell more shirts, they hired direct response writer, David Ogilvy and over an 8-year period, sales increased from $5 million a year to $13 million a year. They found their man. 


Again in 1958, when Rolls Royce wanted to be a huge success in America, they hired David Ogilvy and the results - amazing.

Here again, successful business owners and entrepreneurs, found the answer by finding their man.


Fast Forward to now . . .

When the owners of a company wanted to raise $4 million to float on the Australian Stock Exchange, they tried several people and failed. Then, they chose one man, who created a 2-page, letter for them. They got their $4 million. They found their man!

When 2 U.S. business owners wanted to beat their advertising controls for their weight loss company, which generated in excess of $125 million in 2010, they sought out THE one man in April 2011, to create new material for the websites, adverts and TV infomercial. 

They increased annual sales in excess of $400 million . . . just 2 years later. 

When entrepreneur Justin Eldershaw, wanted to explode the sales of his roofing business, little did he expect to increase his sales 300% and reduce his marketing expenses at the same time. 

He found his mentor. 

The owner of property investment management company wanted a new sales funnel to attract affluent investors, especially to their $75,000 up front service, he sought out a copywriter and business mentor. 

After doing in-depth research, the writer suggested their $5k toe-in-the-water service be increased to $25k, their $75k fee be increased to $120K plus add in another higher $250,000 up front level. 

He was very hesitant, however agreed to test the copy.  

The new funnel worked like a well-oiled machine, especially his new $100k and $250k up front management fees. He found THE writer and mentor.

When entrepreneur and business owner, Barry Lane, invested in a business and marketing tool kit, little did he know he would recoup his investment over and over again . . . plus set a new sales record the very first month. He found THE mentor.

When 2 business partners chose to hire an expert to help them generate more leads for their travel business, can you imagine the shocked looks on their faces when sales increased from $20,000 a week to $76,400 in the very first week. 

An increase of 382%. They found their mentor. 

When a serial entrepreneur, wanted to increase sales of his stock marketing home study course, he invested in an advertising and marketing course. 

Then had his new website sales letter critiqued as a bonus. His sales increased 300% in the first month adding a conservative extra $2.159 million a year to his global businesses. He found THE man. 

When the owner of a roof gutter business wanted to attract more new leads and have his customers refer people, never in his wildest dreams, did he imagine he would generate more leads than he could handle. He found THE mentor.

When the owner of a dance studio business wanted to increase sales - he invested in some proven strategies. Sales increased 250% in one year. He found THE right mentor.

When the owners of a picture framing business were sick of losing money on advertising, they hired an expert. Their first letter pulled a 9.4% conversion and for every single letter mailed at 50 cents, their return was $24.61. They found their man. 

A Pest control owner and entrepreneur, was spending $30,000 a year, just on his yellow pages advert alone. He then hired an expert to write a 2-page, letter. 

The letter was so successful, every letter mailed at 50 cents returned $18 to him. He found THE man.

When business owner, Steve Anderson got sick of his results, he used one of his 30 minute, business mentoring sessions. Sales increased 233% in 6 weeks. He found THE mentor. 

When a share trading guru (also one of the people featured in ‘THE SECRET’ wanted to put more people into his events and for more money, he hired an advertising man.

He generated over $558,000 in the first 2 nights from direct mail. That letter went on to generate in excess of $13.980 million dollars for him. He found THE man.

When the $10-Billion-dollar man and the world’s no. 1 copywriter held his recent copywriting seminar, he chose 3 others to join him as the best 4 copywriters in the world. Bob Bly, Matt Furey and one other. He found his men. 

When the entrepreneurial event of 2009 was held, with speakers such as; billionaire - Sir Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, former South African President - F.W. de Clerk, Zappo's CEO - Tony Hsieh, successful author of 
"7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" - Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Les Brown, Sean Stephenson, Mind Valley’s Vishen Lakhaini, Brendon Burchard plus many more, very successful entrepreneurs, the promoter trusted one person to deliver what he needed. He found THE man. 

When Everte Farnell walked away from a bad business partnership 3 years ago, to start his own contracting company, he only had $1,000 cash. Just recently, Everte enjoyed his first ever $100,000 week. 

He contributes his rapid growth to success, partly due to the techniques he discovered by the Crocodile Dundee of Marketing. He found his mentor. 

When a highly successful business coach was stuck on how to position herself and increase her then current $350 an hour fee, she sought out a mentor.

In just one short hour, he re-positioned her and gave her breakthrough strategies where she smashed through her ideal hourly fee of $500 to $750 per hour, 10 hours, paid in advance. 

She found her man. 

During a mentoring session with a high 7-figure a year client, an idea for a product was suggested by the mentor. At first the client didn’t feel people would want to buy it. He didn’t see the value. 

The mentor did and was adamant they would buy. 

In the first month of launching, sales exceeded $120,000 for the new product. 

When a partner in an 8 -figure a year business, was struggling to fix a working capital issue . . . and fix a financial leak which was starving their cash flow . . . they sought out the expertise of a business mentor. 

He quickly pointed out to the owners some rather unpleasant truths about the juvenile ways they were running their business. 

He then provided them with a pricing strategy (took him under 10 seconds to say) which turned their daily cash at bank around an extra $1.65 million dollars within one year. 

When direct marketing legend, Drayton Bird held his last hurrah, 2-day direct mail and copywriting event in Bristol in June 2017(and his last ever event) . . . he chose just one copywriter to be his guest speaker. He found the man. 

When many top high masterminds across the world hold their events several times each year, they seek out ‘secret weapons’ . . . experts who are almost untouchable to get one-on-one time with. 

They are the ‘Navy Seals of Entrepreneurial Success’. 

The owners of these high-level masterminds successfully invite them into to speak for FREE to their mastermind members who . . .

 . . . invest anywhere from £15000 to £35000 or more each year just to attend. Plus airfares and accommodation.  

One such ‘Navy Seal of Entrepreneurial Success’ has repeatedly spoke at high level masterminds as a guest in; Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Poland and Cyprus.    

When a multiple 7-figure a year ‘big name’ wanted to be able to tap into the direct response knowledge of a copywriter with a substantial track record, he happily invested the $20,000 a month consultant fee. 

Just in case you haven't worked out who 'THE MAN' is in all of the success facts above . . . it's me, Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook.

Those are just a small handful of the business owners I’ve helped globally. Their own lives and those of their loved ones, changed forever. Their lifestyles radically improved.  

Since 2001, thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals around the world have discovered how to acquire unlimited success all because . . . they all found THE same man.

Just the break between each snapshot case study

About ToeCracker . . .

Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook has been called the Crocodile Dundee of direct response copywriters due to giving his global clients the biggest advertising knife, so they can slash their competitors in half and leave them feeling like they’re a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.

Trevor Crook is a world class, in demand – direct response copywriter, mentor to business owners, entrepreneurs and writers and international speaker . . .who helps business owners and entrepreneurs to ignite their sales and profits fast.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, since 2006, he’s chosen to live the international lifestyle, working from his laptop, anywhere he darn well chooses to . . . and travels when the urge strikes.

International Living Magazine featured Trevor, 7 times from 2014 to 2016 due to his jet-setting, international lifestyle.

Trevor was the one writer chosen to work on an event with billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, former South African President, FW de Klerk, Stephen R Covey – author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People . . . Tony Hsieh from Zappo’s . . . and several other highly successful entrepreneurs.

Trevor is blunt, brutal and does not sugar coat anything for anyone.

He is well known for his ‘No B.S.’ style.

He lives up to his ‘ToeCracker’ name due his brutal honesty when he critiques client’s sale copy or provides mentoring to business owners and copywriters

He has the uncanny ability to deliver cash generating information to you in such a simple, ‘straight between the eyes’ way in a matter of minutes, which will have you glued to your seat.

Trevor Crook has personally interviewed over 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, dealt with over 300 industries and pulled apart in excess of 35,000 sets of financial statements during his previous 20-year banking career . . . which included 8 years as a Commercial lending manager.

Trevor has spoken to audiences all over the world in America, London, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cyprus, Italy and Scotland.

And he runs his own events on advertising, marketing and business success strategies.

In the unlikely event Trevor hasn’t covered your type of business – it’s a good chance he’s gone pretty close to it.

Trevor has written simple 1-2 page letters, several have achieved a staggering 8% responses or more just from one letter!

A simple one-page letter which cost his client $1,650 in advertising costs, generated approx. $200,000 the very first time he used it.

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